BC Summer Games


Athletes from select sports are able to come together in the spirit of sport and friendship and spend 4 days participating in their sport races, workshops and other activities and events. The games are held every 2 years and are located in different communities each time. 


The different communities in BC are grouped under Zones. There are 8 Zones in BC.


Prince George is in Zone 8 (Cariboo-North East).


Regardless of how many clubs are in each zone, a basic zone team is made up of 8 kids with some additional seats (spots) for indigenous athletes as well as wildcards. There is also a PaddleAll component.


The take-aways for our club are, kids can... 

  • travel to different BC communities
  • paddle in different lakes, rivers, oceans
  • meet paddlers from other clubs
  • have fun at the events
  • have fun paddling
  • experience a race / regatta


How to Paddle on the Team

Paddlers do not need paddling experience as the training camp will provide plenty of practice. All equipment required to paddle in the camp and the games is included in the fee.


Registeration for the 2024 BC Summer Games in Maple Ridge will open in the Fall of 2023 and more details available at that time.


LEarn more about Canoe/kayak


Short video from BC Summer Games 2016 & 2018


Slideshow presentation from Info Sessions


Kids can usually compete 2x in the BC Summer Games in Canoe/Kayak. The first time in the Learn to Train (LtT) category and the second time in the Train to Train category, however they must always be born in the eligible birth years as determined by the Games and the PSO (Provincial Sport Organization).


Learn to Train refers to the training provided to a new paddler and the expectations for skill acquisition and is not specifically age dependant.


Train to Train means the paddler has been paddling for a few years or has enough skill from multi-sport experience to train at a more advanced level.


Kids are able to paddle in canoe races (C1, C2, C4), kayak races (K1, K2, K4) and some years, slalom and other years, Canoe Polo played in Kayaks.


C1 means Canoe for 1 Person. C2 means Canoe for 2 People. K1 means Kayak for 1 Person. etc


The Canoe & Kayak races are referred to as Sprint Canoe and Sprint Kayak because the goal is to paddle super fast, without falling into the water.


Canoe Polo is more like basketball or volleyball where kids paddle in teams and try to shoot a ball into the net on the opposing team's side - all whilst staying upright in this fast paced game.


BC Games Website for Participants - General Information

important dates


We are looking for a number of skills/traits when building a team including (but not limited to):

  • willingness to learn and try new things
  • enjoyment in being outdoors
  • consideration for other paddlers, team, and coaches
  • basic paddling skills
  • confident swimmer (getting head wet, falling in the water, wearing a lifejacket)


2024 - Maple Ridge BC. Kids will travel on a BC Games bus from Prince George to Maple Ridge. There is no extra cost based on where the paddlers live - the price is the same for all zone athletes.

previous summer games


COWICHAN LAKE, Vancouver Island 2018

The Team flew from Prince George to Nanaimo and then was bussed to their designated school. Each day they would have their meals and be bussed to Cowichan Lake for the Sprint Canoe & Sprint Kayak races. Evening events included a music concert and a dance. On the final day, kids were bussed to the Cowichan River where paddlers competed in Canoe & Kayak Slalom (paddle around hanging "gates" like ski slalom). On Sunday everyone flew home with a backpack full of amazing experiences.


ABBOTSFORD, Lower Mainland 2016

The Team bussed from Prince George to their designated school in Abbotsford. Each day they would have their meals and be bussed to Fort Langely for the Sprint Canoe, Sprint Kayak and War Canoe races. On the final day, kids were bussed to the Vedder River system where paddlers competed in Canoe & Kayak Slalom (paddle around hanging "gates" like ski slalom). A long bus ride home, but I think everyone was sleeping for most of it.