The Prince George Canoe and Kayak club is based at Nadsilnich Lake (West Lake), approx 20 km south-west of Prince George (about 30mins from center of town).  Our club runs paddling programs at West Lake from June through August. 


Our goals are to teach children water and boat safety skills, encourage a love of paddling and the outdoors, and develop a respect for the environment we paddle in. 


Our club offers canoe and kayak paddling instruction for kids 7-18 years old, sport development for youth athletes, and recreational outings for all paddlers and their families.  Our club also participates in paddling Regattas (competition races) such as the BC Summer Games.


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The PGCKC is a non-profit Society established in 2012 by Mark H and his executive. In 2018, Mark and Head Coach, Gemma, moved on to new adventures and we thank them & the previous Executive for all their hard work and dedication to the club and sport.


Our Vision

a community where all children have the skills and confidence needed to paddle safely on our lakes, rivers and coastal waters.


Our Mission

to give youths (ages 7-18) the technical skills to paddle canoes and kayaks on flat water (lakes), to build physical literacy in water sports and develop a respect for the paddling environment.


Our Funding

Our program fees go towards paying for our CKBC membership, equipment insurance, site rental fees, Coach wages, equipment maintenance, website & marketing costs, and other administration costs.


We are grateful for the donations and grants received - these form a larger part of our ability to purchase equipment, pay Coaches and grow the club so more kids can participate.


If you wish to make a contribution in time, money or equipment, please let us know.  We would love to grow the number of programs we can offer including having programs run thru the fall / winter / spring in the pool.


Your Opportunity

Our club relies on parents and other volunteers to make these programs affordable. Your donation of time, skill, experience and enthusiam is very welcome - let us know how you would like to get involved.


Your commitment could be for a one time event (like the BC Summer Games 2022), a single day (like our End of Season Celebration), a few hours a week or a month, or like some of us paddlers who have spent a few too many days on the water without a hat - you could volunteer a few hours every week all year long (cuz its more fun than Netflix or even Settlers of Catan).... read more about the roles in our club


We are Hiring

We hire staff for the summer season. As most of our coach wages are paid through the Canada Student Job program, there are specific requirements for employment. But most young adults, especially students, are eligible. We hire staff looking for part-time evening & weekend work or 30-40 hours per week. We need staff primarily for June, July, and August. See more details here or email us.

Club Goals for 2023

  • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Find a permanent Home for our Club at Nadsilnich Lake (West Lake Provincial Park)

  • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Purchase Recreational Canoe(s) - these are used by all programs including the BC Summer Games by Learn to Train paddlers. This was achieved thru a Jumpstart Grant 2022

  • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Purchase a Safety Boat / Motor - a motorized boat is mandatory to keep paddlers & equipment safe

  • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED - viaSport GRANT RECEIVED 2022 Train parents and other volunteers in PCOC, CanoeKids, Coaching & Officiating to help support the club. A total of 3 junior coaches and one officiant were trained for the BC Summer Games.

  • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED - DEMO SPORT AT 2022 BC SUMMER GAMES Water Polo was played at the BC Summer Games and thanks to the amazing Games Legacy and the ACPA for helping to source the equipment, our club has access to a fleet of Canoe Polo equipment. We have begun indoor pool programs introducing kids to Kayak Polo (Canoe Polo)

  • Create a way to store our kayak polo boats in or near an aquatic center to increase access and use of the equipment, even when our club isnt running a program (especially over winter as loading and transporting the boats under heavy snow and -30 degree temperatures is challenging)

  • Purchase a 20' Shipping Container - to add more space for more boats

  • Repair our Boat Trailer - purchased in 2020 - the boat support arms need sanding, painting and foam protection.  

  • Repair our Accessories Trailer - donated in 2021 - the wooden box for lifejackets and paddles needs to be built

  • Build a Shelter that we can use during the summer to keep the rain and weather away from paddlers learning land-based exercises, having a snack or getting warm after getting wet.

  • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Thanks to the amazing Games Legacy, our club now has a floating plaform that can be transformed into a dock. This will help paddlers more eassily enter and exit their boats - especially important for sprint / racing boats and for those with limited mobility or PaddleAll needs.

  • Equipment Purchases

    • Sprint Canoe(s) - C1 & C2 - these are used in the BC Summer Games by Train to Train paddlers. Currently we have none; 1 of each would be ideal.

    • Kids Sized Sprint Kayaks - these are sized for much younger paddlers (9 and younger) and would allow us to use them easily in our Pool programs. Currently we have none; 4 would be ideal.

    • Intermediate Sprint Kayak(s) - these are sized for our intermediate paddlers usually ages 13-18. Currently we have none; 4 more would be ideal.

    • Banana Boat Sprint Kayaks - these are sized for our beginner paddlers usually ages 7-13. Currently we have 4; 4 more would be ideal.

    • Advanced Sprint Kayaks - these are sized for our advanced paddlers usually ages 13-18. Currently we have 4; 4 more would be ideal

    • Advanced Sprint Paddles - these are THINK paddles that are ultra-light for competition. Currently we have 4: 4 more would be ideal


    • SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Canoe Polo Fleet (boats, paddles, PDF, helmets, balls, nets)

    • Boats that would support PaddleAll athletes

SPOnsors and funding