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BC Summer Games Info

The BC Summer Games is happening July 17-21 2024 in Maple Ridge, BC.

Kids from Zone 8 (Prince George and area) can now register to attend the Free Open House / BC Summer Games Try Out Event happening at the PG Aquatic Pool on May 24th and May 25th.

Registration Here for the Open House/Games Tryout as it is specifically hosted by Canoe Kayak BC (CKBC)

Register Here for all Other Prince George Canoe Kayak (PGCKC) programs

BC Summer Games Highlight Reel created by Bini Ball from a collection of previous summer games photos

BC Summer Games General Info Website

Questions & Answers

What Races Can I Participate In?2024-05-03T20:06:37+00:00

The BC Summer Games 2024 includes both medalled and non-medalled disciplines. Read the full “technical” details.

Most paddlers can participate in most disciplines – however, it is your skill level that determines what boats and technique you are expected to use during a race: Learn to Train or Train to Train.


Medalled Events (Disciplines)

  • Sprint Kayak
  • Sprint Canoe

Non-Medalled Events (Disciplines) **

  • SUP
  • Flatwater Slalom
  • Canoe (Kayak) Polo


Learn to Train

If this is your first year participating in the BC Summer Games (and you dont meet the other rules such as being a high-performance athlete in Canoe / Kayak) – then you are probably a Learn to Train participant.

Train to Train

If you are a returning BC Summer Games paddler, then you are a Train to Train participant


# of Events

Each paddler is required to sign up for 3 Events and no more than 8 Events.


Event Selection

Race selection is done in combination between yourself and your coach. It is based on factors including: your interest in paddling in a specific race, your skill, and the availability of spots (ie a K2 race requires 2 paddlers and some races are specific genders and others are mixed genders and mixed skills).


** There is a process to make a discipline “medalled” but in an effort to offer more opportunities to paddlers from all across BC, non-medalled events are being included as educational/development. In the future one or more of these disciplines may qualify for a medal.

How Much Does it Cost to Join2024-05-03T20:07:04+00:00

There are two costs:

  • $300 for the Training / Practices offered by the PGCKC (plus $20 Youth Membership)
  • $380 for the BC Summer Games Registration


The BC Summer Games Registration fee is specific to each sport. For all sports it includes the travel costs, accomodations, meals, entertainment, activities, and racing shirt.

In addition, some sports have additional costs such as the transportation of equipment (think the cost to bring a team’s worth of volleyballs vs a team’s worth of canoes & kayaks).

The paddler travel costs are also fairly split across all paddlers so that each participant pays the same no matter how far they need to travel for the games. Most years, we bus to the location, but in one year, the entire team flew to the games.

The fee for the PGCKC training needs to be paid no later than June 1st 2024

The fee for the BC Summer Games needs to be paid no later than June 1st 2024


Do I need experience paddling a kayak or canoe?2024-05-03T19:42:49+00:00

No! But.

Every year so far we have welcomed paddlers new to the sport as well as those with some experience to participate in the Games. Because there are limited number of spots available on the team (based on our sport and the BC Summer Games rules), there is an official Try-Out. Based on the results of the Try-Out, the team will be created.

The first time you compete in the BC Summer Games in Canoe Kayak – you are considered a “Learn to Train” paddler – basically a novice. If you attend the BC Summer Games for your 2nd (and last) time – you are considered a “Train to Train” paddler – someone with experience. There are other rules based on experience especially for clubs that are able to actively train high performance athletes – but basically, if you are excited to paddle, willing to learn, capable of following direction and working towards team goals – then we can provide you with the entry level of instruction required to compete at the Learn to Train level.

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