The BC Summer Games 2024 includes both medalled and non-medalled disciplines. Read the full “technical” details.

Most paddlers can participate in most disciplines – however, it is your skill level that determines what boats and technique you are expected to use during a race: Learn to Train or Train to Train.


Medalled Events (Disciplines)

  • Sprint Kayak
  • Sprint Canoe

Non-Medalled Events (Disciplines) **

  • SUP
  • Flatwater Slalom
  • Canoe (Kayak) Polo


Learn to Train

If this is your first year participating in the BC Summer Games (and you dont meet the other rules such as being a high-performance athlete in Canoe / Kayak) – then you are probably a Learn to Train participant.

Train to Train

If you are a returning BC Summer Games paddler, then you are a Train to Train participant


# of Events

Each paddler is required to sign up for 3 Events and no more than 8 Events.


Event Selection

Race selection is done in combination between yourself and your coach. It is based on factors including: your interest in paddling in a specific race, your skill, and the availability of spots (ie a K2 race requires 2 paddlers and some races are specific genders and others are mixed genders and mixed skills).


** There is a process to make a discipline “medalled” but in an effort to offer more opportunities to paddlers from all across BC, non-medalled events are being included as educational/development. In the future one or more of these disciplines may qualify for a medal.