No! But.

Every year so far we have welcomed paddlers new to the sport as well as those with some experience to participate in the Games. Because there are limited number of spots available on the team (based on our sport and the BC Summer Games rules), there is an official Try-Out. Based on the results of the Try-Out, the team will be created.

The first time you compete in the BC Summer Games in Canoe Kayak – you are considered a “Learn to Train” paddler – basically a novice. If you attend the BC Summer Games for your 2nd (and last) time – you are considered a “Train to Train” paddler – someone with experience. There are other rules based on experience especially for clubs that are able to actively train high performance athletes – but basically, if you are excited to paddle, willing to learn, capable of following direction and working towards team goals – then we can provide you with the entry level of instruction required to compete at the Learn to Train level.